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How can you help us?

There are different ways to help this project:

Your support helps the school to survive by providing regular financial contributions.

You give your donations, whatever they are and however the list below inspires you, knowing that each donation will be received with real gratitude. All donations are important; there is neither a big donation nor a small donation. 2.80 Swiss francs (2.60 euros) allow us to take care of a child for one day (meals, transport, teaching, etc.) [Base Year 2015-2016]


These can be in the form of:

  • money
  • sponsorship
  • school supplies
  • computers
  • school furniture
  • equipment for the children’s house
  • kitchen and canteen equipment
  • equipment for the classrooms
  • equipment for the artistic and manual creativity workshops
  • musical instruments
  • books for the library (Spanish and English)
  • educational toys and games
  • brochures of solar technology, generators, etc.
  • and of course, any other ideas you may have

Your support helps the school to survive

In answer to the questions we are regularly asked, it seems that a reminder of what sponsorship is might be useful, especially how your sponsorship money is used.

The sponsorship proposed by the Foundation is one which covers the school in its entirety. One which represents a double advantage: an advantage for the children because there is no form of favouritism of one vis-a-vis the other; an advantage for the sponsors who remain free to choose the amount and duration of their sponsorship.

Although some opt for quarterly, biannual or annual payment, the sponsorship amount is generally paid monthly. This allows the Foundation to know the amount they have at their disposal each month.

Sponsoring is an important gesture for the life of the school. It is your sponsorship that covers all the fixed costs involved in running the school. Namely:

  • the salaries of the teachers and other employees
  • the school pick-up charges
  • the books and school supplies (notebooks, pencils, paints …)
  • the meals: breakfast as of the 6th year and snacks for all the other children
  • the children’s uniforms (trousers and tee-shirts in the school colours)
  • the school maintenance charges

The Foundation takes total charge of the schooling of the children, who mostly come from very underprivileged backgrounds, thus ensuring them better conditions to follow the high quality education provided by the school.

The donations, and in particular donations from companies or from local collections, are reserved for expansion work or fitting out the school (construction, diverse alterations, …).

With an ever increasing number of children, we are in urgent need of new sponsorship. The search for new sponsors has become our first priority.

We thank all those who support us in our action and who allow these children from the other side of the world to have access to an education, thus opening the doors to a better life.

You would like to sponsor the Foundation

To become a sponsor all you have to do is print out and send the coupon below (format Word or PDF), or e-mail the address of the Foundation or make payments.

Download the sponsorship coupon by clicking the icon of your choice.

  Format PDF

  Format Microsoft Word

In Switzerland, to the ‘Fondation Internationale’

Bank payments are to be made to the following account:

Bank BCV, Place Saint-François, CH-1002 Lausanne
Payee Fondation Internationale Les Enfants de l'Arc-en-Ciel
Ch. de la Chiesaz 21
1024 Ecublens
Account # E 5381.04.07
IBAN CH75 0076 7000 E538 1040 7


Bank UBS, Place Saint-François, CH-1002 Lausanne
Payee Fondation Internationale Les Enfants de l'Arc-en-Ciel
Ch. de la Chiesaz 21
1024 Ecublens
Account # 243-361404.01M
IBAN CH58 0024 3243 3614 0401 M


Post Office payments



In France, to the Association

Bank payments are to be made to the following account:

BNP Paribas
27 rue Cuvier
25200 Montbeliard

Recipient : Les Enfants de l’Arc-en-Ciel
Bank Code : 30004
Agency Code : 00678
Account N° : 00010018920 / 20
IBAN : FR76 3000 4006 7800 0100 1892 020

Cheques should be made payable to « Les Enfants de l’Arc-en-Ciel » and returned to the address:

Les Enfants de l’Arc-en-Ciel
19 rue Louis Pergaud
25250 L'Isle sur le Doubs

For direct debits, send a banking identity statement (RIB) to the above address accompanied by a letter stating your postal details. We will then send you the necessary documents.


In the Dominican Republic, to the school

Bank payments are to be made to one of the followings accounts:

Banco de Reservas
Av. Maria Gómez No. 8
Cabrera, Maria Trinidad Sanchez
Dominican Republic

Recipient : Fundación los Niños del Arco Iris, Danuta Grazyna Sokolska
Account N° : 150 – 058301-9   in Pesos
Account N° : 150 – 002407-7   in US Dollars
Account N° : 150 – 000204-3   in Euros